Saturday, May 1, 2010

I want.....

...these shorts from J. Crew. Why must they be $98?

**stumbled upon via two ellie

So I found some cheaper alternatives:

These are from Urban Outfitters and are still a little pricey at $48. But Urban always has the best sales.

These are a steal from Forever 21 at $19.80. Though with Forever 21 sometimes looks can be deceiving.

These are another steal from Forever 21 at $24.80.

And I'm just dying for a romper. Plus the shorts on this one are almost identical in shape to the J. Crew ones. It's still a little pricey at $58 from Urban Outfitters, but as soon as it goes on sale I might have to get it.

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  1. THAT ROMPER IS ON SALE FOR $30! Sara just got it on saturday....