Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yesterday Was Beautiful

It was really the perfect spring day. Sunny and in the 60-70s with a light breeze. I'll take that everyday. Yesterday was a pretty eventful Saturday for me. I finally got an Ohio ID (not that eventful...), I went to a large neighborhood yard sale, and I helped at a Gallery "Opening" (more of a meet and greet).

I was good at the yard sale and didn't buy a single thing. I only walked around and poked through peoples belongings. One of my favorite past times. My sister and her friends bought a bunch of flowers to plant in a garden. They couldn't pass up the deal: $5 for a crate.

I also saw this beautiful antique baby crib but of course I am on a budget and they were asking a little too much.

We didn't stay as long as I would have liked and I am sure we missed a ton of great things, but we were tired and I had to rest before the Gallery Opening. I also didn't take very many pictures and no pictures of my cute outfit and little belly. I know, I know. I'm really terrible about it...

Anyways, the Gallery that I am helping out at is a little change of pace for me. It is much more like a store than a Gallery. And it is super commercial. But I figure it is something for me to do and hopefully learn from. It is called Mac Worthington and is in the Short North area of Columbus. Like I said the Opening was more of a meet and greet. Every third Saturday of the month the owner invites his top buyers and artists to a little "Meet and greet." There are beverages and snacks and it is extremely casual. It gives the artist a chance to promote themselves and the buyer the chance to purchase an original piece of work. Unfortunately last night was a very slow night. Three artists came and hardly any potential buyers showed up. But I was assured it is never like that unless the weather is awful. My job was to just chat with people and make myself available if they had any questions. The night turned into me chatting with two of the artist about art, pregnancy, and life in general. It felt great to get out and meet new people and hear new stories. The artist I talked to were Dennis Cabbs and Jefffrey Eason. They both do photography collages. Not quite my style, but interesting none the less. Both men had a lot of stories to share and advise to give. It was really a pleasure to meet both of them. Here is a little sample of their work:

Dennis Capps

Jeffrey Eason

Like I said before, the gallery is a little different, so I guess we'll see how it goes. Either way I had a great time meeting new people last night.

Today has been much less eventful and the only thing I have planned is to attend a graduation party. Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm jealous your sunday sounds wonderful! The park scene looks so inviting and although the art work is as you put it "interesting", at least you got out and met new people. Good for you! I'm mostly jealous of the yard sale. I too enjoy rummaging through peoples junk and wow! your sis got a great bargain on the crate of flowers. What an idea? As for the baby crib lets just say beautiful does not equate with pratical and I'm not sure it would pass safety requirements. Any how loved the pictures.

  2. Well hopefully soon in the near future you, mom, gracie, khloe, and I can go treasure hunting together at some yard sales on a beautiful day.