Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Talk Pregnancy

Hello 5 months!!! Can you believe how far along I am? It blows my mind everyday. And baby girl is active. She loves to dance around in there and I love being able to feel her little body pushing against my belly. We have a little connection now. Whenever I lightly tap my fingers in my belly she comes right out of hiding. It's pretty amazing. My belly is growing everyday and I definitely cannot hide it anymore. I even got my first comment from a stranger. Me and my mom were out shopping and a woman next to me said, "You are so cute!" I was wearing a loose top and leggings that day so I thought for sure you couldn't tell. I was thinking, "Really? My hair is a mess.." but I said with a smile, "Thank you." And she quickly said, "Is it a boy or a girl?" I was totally caught off guard. I just let out a laugh and said, "Baby girl." My mom thought this story was very funny. I guess I've been in denial about my growing belly. It just looks like a food baby to me.

And as my belly grows I have stopped wearing pants that buckle. I now only wear stretchy things. Dresses, skirts, leggings....I should probably invest in one of those handy dandy BeBands.

So far the pregnancy has been a breeze for me. No morning sickness at all. My feet aren't swelling. My body isn't changing too much. I have had no mood swings. I haven't had any crazy food cravings (except maybe the need for hot sauce on everything). Nothing has grossed me out (except raw chicken). My hair looks great. My skin is looking good. My nails are growing. Everything has been pretty swell for me. I feel great.

I've also been having the most intense dreams and I love it. I've always had really vivid dreams that seem like they could be real life, but lately they are even more intense. Ranging from grocery store trips with Britney Spears (Weird, right?) to cars blowing up and flipping over (I blame this on watching CSI before bed). I have been reading about dreams during pregnancy and how they reflect our anxieties of motherhood. But I just blame it on whatever I see during the day being reflected in my dreams. I mean, c'mon, grocery shopping with Britney Spears?

On to something a little more interesting....

I remember seeing this project a while back and thinking how amazing it was. And now that I am pregnant I have even more appreciation for it. Each week Cole's hubby photographed her to document her pregnancy. I love the photographs and the design and her American Apparel Wardrobe. It's awesome that they documented all of that for their little one to look back on. I wish I had the patience and discipline to do just that. But alas, I am a procrastinator. Aren't you jealous you didn't think of this first? I am...

And as if the artist couldn't get any more clever he is working on a project now called The Walk to 40 Weeks. This one is a great little photo project that also includes letters from the parents to their little bean.

Okay, that's enough from me for now. The weather is supposed to be beautiful and I have lots planned this weekend including a huge neighborhood yard sale, a gallery opening, a graduation party, and a birthday party. I'll take some pics of my belly while I'm at it. Have a fun weekend!

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