Monday, May 3, 2010

Just for fun....

I decided to type sapphire into the search box on Etsy. Why sapphire? That will (hopefully) be baby girls birth stone. I also made sure to specify vintage in the search. Why vintage? Because I love vintage and I hope to pass on that love and appreciation to my baby girl.

These are the items that caught my eye:

I love how simple this little ring is. It is something she could wear everyday with anything.

A playful piece like this little bug will be perfect for her to wear on her sweaters or coats.

These earrings are just fun. And I love the little touch of green.

I absolutely love this pin. It is so classic and elegant and could be put onto a hat or a spring jacket.

For some reason when I saw this bracelet I immediately thought about a costume. I want big colorful jewels for my baby girl to play dress up in. I just imagine her prancing around in skirts and my heels wearing every bracelet in our jewelry box.

Those are just a few of the gems I stumbled upon. I might have to play this game again using other key words. I dare you to try it.

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