Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And the sun finally shines...

The last few days have been so dreary and wet here in good ol' Columbus and I am overjoyed that the sun decided to make an appearance. I also managed to get out of my slump and join my friend Cait for a little dinner and now we are at a cafe. I'm catching up on here while she catches up on some homework. And to top it off? The sun is shining right on me.

Just real quick, how amazing does my little dinner look??

I know you're jealous of my BBQ tofu burrito.

So for the sake of stories I wanted to share my experience with you from my oh-so-long Monday. But first I must state this:

As a young, single, pregnant woman I am most often an object of pity and seen as a sad statistic. I resent anyone who feels the need to pity me. I am happy with my life and wouldn't change a thing. I am truly blessed to have an amazing, strong, and loving mother, an extremely supportive family, and some wonderful, diverse friends. With all that said, please to take this story too seriously. I like to write about my experiences as a way to share my life and provoke thoughts and questions about unplanned pregnancy.

I started writing a little story about it but it was getting really long so I'm just going to share a quick recap. Basically because I am so young, single, and pregnant I am in a situation where I can and need to apply for government aid. The fact that I am currently unemployed is another big reason why I needed to apply. I think it's great that we live in a society that offers such support, but it is unfortunate that many times it is taken advantage of. Anyways, my experience with applying was exactly how I thought it would be.

We spent hours waiting patiently moving from one office to another and dealing with people who clearly hated their jobs. However, the whole experience was not like that. I also applied to WIC (Women, Infants, and Children). It is a program that makes sure you and your child are as healthy as possible. They ask about your diet and provide food vouchers for your local grocery store and farmers market. The women who worked there were amazing and so helpful and polite. I am so glad a program like that exist. It is so important for young woman to be healthy and this program makes it possible.

I am going to keep that recap short. I just wanted to share my experience and let others know that this is my reality and I am proud to live the life I live.

Onto something a little more fun...

My friend Katie shared this with me and I absolutely love the whole idea. They are a twist on the typical CONGRATULATIONS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY banners. The company behind this clever idea is Banter Banner and you can purchase any of their cute banners. I, however, might attempt to make my own.

Caitlin just gave me the idea to make one that says "Lovely Livin." Pretty clever...

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