Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where has the time gone??

Sorry for my recent absence, I seem to have lost track of time. I guess I have been doing a lot of daydreaming lately. Seriously, it is hard to keep my attention. I seem to just drift off into thoughts of other cities, life with baby, and antique decorating. Maybe this is a symptom of pregnancy??

Other than daydreaming my days have been filled with family, friends, cooking, reading, and selling my first thing in Etsy!!! It's a great feeling and I am so excited about it. My first customer is my wonderful Aunt Petra and I am so happy to have her support. As most artists or anyone selling something knows, your first customer is usually a family member and you can't take that kind of love and support fore granted.

Fathers day was spent with my sisters and our crazy dad whose only request was to "go cruisin' in the Mustang." We could hardly fit in that tiny car but we managed. So we listened to classic rock, ended up at a Jazz and Blues fest (where I indulged in deliciously bad for you food), and took a ride down memory lane.

I also finally bought and replanted some cilantro and basil and a hot pepper plant. I made some delicious salsa with fresh tomatoes, lots of onion, cilantro, lime juice, corn, and Serrano peppers. I must say it is the best salsa I have ever made. Next time I make it I plan on roasting most of the ingredients before cutting them up.

That's really all I've done lately. Like I said, I've been spending all my time daydreaming. I've been thinking a lot about lakes and camping and spending all my time outside. I wish I could just take off to a lake house and only pack a swimsuit and some light summer dresses. Shoes not required. I would sip lemonade or sweet tea all day. When I wasn't swimming I would be reading on a blanket under some trees. If there were a storm I would light some candles and sit on the porch, watching it pour around me. The house would be decorated with nothing but antiques. Every bed and couch would have a homemade quilt. Every dinner would be fresh. There would never be a closed window and definitely no curtains. Everyone I love would be invited as long as they didn't bring loud voices. Music was only allowed if you sang or played it yourself.

Okay, you get it. That is all I've been thinking about lately. If I close my eyes I can picture the house and lake perfectly. We all have those dream places. What is yours?

By the way, all the images I've shown today are by photographer Hotze Eisma. I stumbled upon the images on Bliss and they seem to sum up my thoughts lately.

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