Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Swoon

I am awake very early this Sunday due to an active baby girl and a weird urge to clean. But before I clean I must have my morning (decaf) coffee and some internet time. Which brings me here to share with you what I have been swooning over lately.

First on the list: long vintage skirts. Due to this growing belly I have mostly been wearing skirts with a stretch waste band. I still refuse to buy Maternity clothes because I hate most everything I see or it's way out of my budget. So whenever I go out thrift store shopping (one of my favorite past times) I find a few skirts. I like them to hit either at or below the knee so that I have the option of wearing them below my little belly or above it. A few skirts even look great pulled all the way up as a strapless dress and cinched with a belt. I'll take a few pictures later in the day to give you a visual. Until then, here are a few vintage skirts I found on Etsy to give you an idea of what I am wearing...

Second thing I am swooning over is a food blog I stumbled upon via All the Mountains. Sprouted Kitchen is a collaboration between a newly engaged couple, one who loves food and cooking and the other who is a very talented photographer. I fell in love with the photography first but I quickly fell in love with the healthy recipes too. They use mostly local, fresh ingredients to come up with delicious (looking) meals.

All images from Sprouted Kitchen

The third thing I am swooning over lately is a website my best friend Katie recently shared with me called Pintrest. It's basically a place where anyone can put together a thread of things they are loving by category. Many of the contributors are bloggers I read on a daily basis. You can share anything you find from Photographs to Food to Clothes to Interiors to Random Finds. It's a great site to visit when you need a little inspiration. Here is a little screen shot to give you an idea of the website:

Okay, I suppose that is all I will share this morning. I'll post later with pictures of some of the skirts and other things I find at the thrift store.

Happy Sunday!

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