Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hey Hey It's Your Birthday

Today is my birthday and I'm now a whopping 23 years old! So much has changed in the past year it's kind of unbelievable. I couldn't have planned it this way if I tried and I am loving every moment. It's absolutely crazy to think that on this day 23 years ago my mother gave birth to me. In just a few months I will be giving birth to my baby girl and forever cherishing that day.

So what's a gal to do on her birthday? Well, nothing too exciting. Birthdays in my family have always been pretty low key. We like to keep things simple. No big parties or anything like that. Just a few small gifts and kind words to let the birthday person know how loved they are. Since my birthday fell in the middle of the week this year I have spent the day mostly doing my own thing. Mom and I had breakfast together this morning. Pops and I had lunch together. My sisters and I are going to the movies tonight. My best friend Katie sent me a beautiful gift. My other best friend Alyse sent me a lovely little note reminding me of how much can change in a year. I've gotten a few cards. And of course I had to make myself some chocolate chip cookies. I also went to the library (but I do that a few times a week).

On that note I am currently spending a lot of my time looking up easy sewing projects. I am really trying to discipline myself to learn how to make all sorts of things. Unfortunately I take baby steps and make up excuses for why I haven't been more productive. My current excuse? I don't have a perfect sewing station. Which is true, the dining room table isn't cutting it. So until I really throw myself into this project I'll spend my time looking at sewing books. I have found two amazing books that I highly recommend:

They are both extremely user friendly and even come with patterns to use. Of course the latter one is for baby items. I really hope to master this art so I am able to make my baby girl some one of a kind dresses. The other book is full of beautiful photos and a ton of fun projects. There are a few cute dresses and aprons that I think I can make as a beginner. But only time will tell. So I better get on it...

Sticking to the subjects of books I've also been on the hunt for some great summer reads. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read and I read really fast. Today I checked out two short books that I have heard a lot about in the past:

I have read Gabriel Garcia Marquez before and love him, but I've never read anything by Kaye Gibbons. I'll definitely share my opinion when I am through with the two books. Have you thought about what you will read this summer on the roof/beach/park/patio yet?? I'd love some recommendations.

I feel like I have so much to share today since I hardly blogged last week and this weekend, but I will save it for another day. And in case any of you were curious about the Cyrus reunion...

Yes, it was THAT Cyrus reunion.


  1. Happy Birthday! 23 was a great year for me and I know it will be for you, too!

  2. hey my birthday is june 4th! yay for geminis! i love your blog so much i'm reading all your old posts =]