Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Clothes and Blogs...

...are two of my favorite things. I already spend hours and hours blog hopping everyday and if I could, I would spend just as much time shopping for vintage clothes. Columbus has some amazing vintage shops that I could spend all day in. Some of the shops are a little pricey, but if you dig you can find the perfect bag or perfect dress for just the right price.
I found this beauty on Tuesday for a total of $3.00. I saw it weeks ago but told myself I didn't really need it. But as soon as I left I couldn't stop thinking about it. I figured it would be gone by now, but obviously it was meant to be because it was still in the same spot, waiting for me. And no, those are not my initials, but who cares?? I wear a locket everyday engraved with someone else's initials. It's what I do.

Anyways....yesterday I stumbled upon a few amazing blogs written by ladies who love vintage clothes as much as I do. I wish we could all meet up for lunch and raid each others closets (post pregnancy of course). So here is a little round up of those blogs.

Calivintage is a personal style blog by Erin from Oakland, California. I am so jealous of all her clothes and her posts make me want to move out west. I would love to live in that much sunshine. She has a way of putting together the most simple outfits and making them look perfect. Plus her pixie haircut is adorable. If I weren't trying to grow my hair out, I might consider going that short. OH!! And I absolutely love her tattoos.

Liebemarlene Vintage is another personal style blog by a Zooey Dashenal look-a-like, Rhiannon. She is sooo cute and looks amazing in little floral dresses. Imagine my surprise when I looked at her profile and saw that she is 29. I thought 21, tops. Her blog is full of great post about her personal style, her daily life, inspirations, and a lot more. She has an Ebay store, but as of now there is nothing in it. She also has a Tumblr where she shares random fashion images called Silent Sundays (and Saturdays). Plus, this girl is all over, as she should be.

And last but not least is Sally Jane Vintage . This is a blog to the great Etsy shop by the same name. The shop owner has a great eye for vintage dresses and I envy all of her finds. The blog isn't all about the clothes, the author sometimes shares snippets of her life as well as fashion inspirations. She also has quite a few personal style posts with some beautiful photographs.

So go and take a look at those blogs and hopefully you will be as inspired as I am.


  1. I couldn't agree more! Those blogs are ones I read all the time too :-) Glad to have stumbled across yours...and congratulations!

  2. Thanks for the great roundup! I love these sorts of vintage style blogs, too.