Monday, June 28, 2010


NYC Island Girl was handing out blogger awards and she awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much!! I think the whole idea of blogger awards is great. It really makes you appreciate the support in the blogging world. Okay, so the rules of the award are:

**Thank the person who awarded you**
**Share seven things about you**
**Nominated new blogs for the award**
**Let the nominee know about the award**

So a huge THANK YOU to NYC Island Girl!

Here are Seven things about me:

1.) I am almost 7 months pregnant with a baby girl who loves kicking me with love.
2.) I love to sing.
3.) I wear an antique gold locket almost everyday with my parents pictures in it.
4.) I have a really, really intense family tree.
5.) I love watching bad reality TV.
6.) Lately, I really have an itch to move to Nashville.
7.) I have 11 tattoos including a (very embarrassing) four leaf clover, a cupcake, and a beautiful flamingo Audubon drawing.

Okay, now I must nominate some other blogs for this award. AGH! That is kinda tough, but exciting.

Katie from Skunkboy Creatures --- Love her style.
Blair from Wild and Precious --- She makes Nashville seem super enticing.
Micah & Brooke from Dorsey Life Happenings --- They are the CUTEST couple.
Samantha from Post Grad Hair Cut --- I always enjoy her posts.
Jacqueline from All Things Beautiful --- She always shares great things.

Alright, there you have it! Those are some of my favorite Versatile blogs that I read regularly.


  1. Dani! Thanks so much! That is extremely sweet of you...I love the blogger award idea, as well.

    And now I am turned onto your blog! So exciting that you are having a baby- congratulations :) Can't wait to stay updated.

  2. You welcome and congrats!

    Btw I have been nominated for "Best Eye Candy" on the 2010 Blogluxe Awards! Would you be kind enough to vote for me (NYC Island Gal)?

  3. Thank you! Very sweet :) Congratulations on the baby! Post photos when he or she arrives!