Friday, June 18, 2010

Early Early

**image by Teri Lyn Fisher**

Recently I have been waking up at obscenely early hours and have not been able to fall back asleep. I blame this on the squirming baby girl inside me. She really likes to move at night and sleeping while pregnant can be complicated (there are weird rules). So more often than not I wake up at 5 AM due to a noise or a bathroom run and as soon as I lay back down I realize I am WIDE awake. I usually embrace it and flip on a lamp to read or open my laptop to do what I do best: look at blogs. I did the latter this morning and stumbled upon Elephantine.

I have known about the jewelry shop by the same name for awhile now due to many of the blogs I read. Rachel, the lady behind the jewelry and the blog is quite talented and has a great eye for all things beautiful, be it clothes, jewelry, photography...anything. I seriously spent all morning reading her blog and going back all the way to early last year. I learned that she has only been making jewelry for a short time. I never would have guessed! I really, really love how simple and stunning her pieces are.

I love subtle jewelry. I wish my style was bold enough to wear layers upon layers of bracelets and necklaces and multiple huge rings, but alas I have strict jewelry rules. I will not wear a necklace AND earrings, it is one or the other for me. Rings and bracelets must be simple, or I will only wear one. I know, boring right? My best friend Katie is the master at wearing lots and lots of jewelry and making it look effortless.

Anyways, there is one bracelet that I absolutely ADORE from Elephantine because it is so simple and it reminds me of those wish bracelets I posted about recently.

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