Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Lonely Doll

As I have said before, I spend a lot of time at the library. I am always searching for new books and could spend hours reading back issues of many fashion magazines. On one of my recent trips I was looking at the "Staff Recommendations" and was instantly captivated by one of the covers. Yes, sometimes I totally judge a book by its cover, forgive me. The book is titled, The Secret Life of The Lonely Doll, The Search for Dare Wright. The summary explained that the book would dig deeper into the life of Dare Wright, the author of the famous childrens book, The Lonely Doll. Though I was not familiar with the book or the author I was strangely intrigued and added it to my pile of old Food & Wine magazines (I'm really trying to learn to cook).

That was on Saturday. I finished the book early this morning when I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. I must recommend this book to anyone who loves to read biographies. It shares a story of a woman who left an impression on everyone she met for being mysterious, beautiful, and oddly childlike. She was someone who created her own reality from her fantasies. While the story mostly revolves around Dare, her mother plays a huge role throughout. I think the aspect I found most interesting was the Mother/Daughter relationship. It was very similar to the relationship of the Beales from Grey Gardens (If you are unfamiliar, please, PLEASE watch the documentary). As a soon to be mom of a baby girl I have to wonder what our relationship will be like and of course it makes me look at my own relationship with my mother. How close is too close?

So there you go, I have given you two recommendations, one a very telling biography, the other, a more telling documentary. Both explore odd relationships a mother and daughter can have.

Also, wasn't Dare beautiful?? And isn't Dare such an odd name? However, I find myself more and more drawn to it. (Don't worry, I won't name my baby Dare....but it might become a nickname...)

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