Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OMG Emogene!

What a long weekend! I am still exhausted from it all. I'll fill you in. This weekend was the Cyrus/Wellman Family Reunion down in Louisa, Kentucky. My dad is a Wellman and we go every year to catch up with family and eat some good food. Even after all these years I am still terrible at remembering the names of everyone. And to be honest this was the first year that I really stepped out of my shell and socialized. I usually hide behind my mom or stay away with my sisters, but not this time. I talked to some great people who have watched me grow up. Imagine how surprised and excited they were to see that I am pregnant. I can't wait to take baby girl next year. Everyone will swoon over her, I just know it. I definitely swooned over a baby boy who was there this year. I spent some time with him and at one point almost didn't want to give him back to his mom. Talk about baby fever.

Here are a couple pictures from the event. Unfortunately I didn't take as many as I would like but I guess I can give you an idea of the event

This is the family graveyard that lies on a hill above the family home.

A beautiful, simple gravestone.

My grandfathers gravestone.

The view from the hill.

Another view from the top of the hill, looking down at the house.

The old barn on the property.

After the official reunion everyone gets together for a bonfire and cookout at another house in town. It happens later in the evening and is the most fun. The family is all about good music so people always bring their guitars and play together. It's so fun to watch and listen to. Here are a few pictures from that event.

So that was my long and eventful Sunday. We had such a good time catching up. We only see a lot of this family one time a year so we always make the most of it.

We came back to Columbus on Monday and ended up at another little event. My cousin Ursula and her husband hosted a little family cookout for our immediate family since not everyone could make it to the reunion. It was great to see everyone again. Ursula is also pregnant and we are both due in September so it was really exciting to see her and compare our growing bellies, which we did:

I cheated because I wore a loose shirt. Oops...

But I did find this picture among the many snapshots my mom took on Sunday where you can really see my baby bump (sorry it's so dark!)...


There you go! That was my holiday weekend. I am still catching up on sleep but I promise tomorrow I'll go back to my usual posting.


  1. YEAH baby is getting so big. thank you for posting belly pictures.

    happy almost birthday <3

  2. Cute baby bump Dani, nothing like your mamas.(hee-hee) So on this day 23 years ago your sweet mama lost her baby bump and gave birth to you, her bundle of joy. Wow, how the years fly! I have an idea you should find a picture of her and her belly bump and post it side by side with yours. Anyway, just know I'm thankful for you and I hope you have a day full of love and joy!