Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have finally FINALLY! opened my Etsy shop to sell some of my Vintage finds. I originally wanted to focus on clothing but as I have been searching and organizing and taking photographs I find that it is not quite coming together. But in all that searching, organizing, and photographing I realize that I am most drawn to the scarves, jewelry, and clutches. So as of now that is the main focus of my shop. Vintage scarves are one of my favorite accessories so it makes sense that I want to share that with people.

I also decided to part with one of my vintage lockets. I haven't worn it in over a year so I figured there is someone else out there who will cherish it as much as I once did. As you can see, this is how I look at vintage things. It is truly something you have to have a passion for and really, really enjoy and respect.

Anyways, let me just say that this whole process (organizing and photographing) is not easy. I am exhausted after working it all day and I still feel as though the shop is only mediocre compared to how I want it to be. The photography part is the hardest. I love, love, love dramatic natural lighting and for some reason it is extremely hard to find in this house. So I decided to take my whole "studio" outside. I liked the idea until I took a lunch break and looked through the pictures and decided I hated everything! It just wasn't me. So I used a small landing on the top of my stairs, next to a window to photograph everything. I enjoy how the images look, but I still think they need some tweaking. It will get better as I go along. But I just had to get the shop open. So it isn't perfect and I still have a lot to figure out, but it's open for now.

Please go look at it and if you have any advice I would LOVE to hear it. Really, I could use some advice if you have it.

Here is the link to my shop: MY SHOP SHOP SHOP

And here are some photographs so you can get an idea of what I did today.

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  1. Dani,I really like the vintage sheer green polka dot scarf. I'm contemplating purchasing it. Since I'm not a compulsive shopper I'll have to stew on it for a day or two. Oh and congrads on your shop shop I think your photos capture the quality of your merhandise.