Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Swoon

I found myself watching a documentary last night on the great jazz singer Anita O'Day. She was a very unique woman with an amazing talent and an interesting life. Throughout her success she was addicted to heroin and openly discusses her experience in her autobiography High Times, Hard Times. She even goes as far as to credit the drug for some of her great performances. Here are a few videos I found so you can see just how great she is:

Not only did she have a beautiful voice but she was also one of the best scat ladies of her time. In this (poor quality) video you can hear just how great she is. This is a piece that was written for four saxophones and no vocals. The composer asked her to vocally be the lead sax. Amazing, right??

And one more just because I love this song:

And if you feel so inclined and have an extra hour on your hands here is a great Profile of Anita O'Day on NPR.

Another lady I am swooning over is a talented photographer and vocalist from Auckland, New Zealand, Chelsea Jade. I stumbled upon her beautiful blog, Willow Ships and listened to a sample of her sweet music. She has a solo project and a band named Teacups. If you like Tilly and the Wall, you'll love Teacups.

The last thing I am swooning over this weekend are these baby clothes my mom and I found while out at yard sales yesterday. I am loving the pink and yellow knits and I am really, really loving (and slightly jealous) of the little sleeping outfit that ties at the bottom. How comfy does it look???

Happy Sunday!


  1. I hope they don't have bedbugs! just kidding. I love the drawstring sack, maybe you could get a matching one for around the house?