Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wedding Inspiration

No, I am not getting married, but one of my best friends recently got engaged and I am helping her look for ideas for her wedding. Yesterday she told me she finally found the perfect venue, an old mansion in Prince George County in Maryland.

Newton White Mansion, isn't it perfect??

Of course the place is almost booked so she and her fiance might have to move around the date. But when you find the right venue I am sure it is totally worth it.

Now I am helping her find inspirations for centerpieces and decor. And let me just say, looking for Wedding Inspiration is very tiring. There is soooo much to think about...the colors, the flowers, the space, the look, the table top...the list goes on. I've been scouring wedding blogs and bookmarking EVERYTHING. Unfortunately I like so much and none of it seems to be cohesive. But here is what I have been looking at....

Just a few pretty looks:

Images from the amazing Wedding Blog 100 Layer cake

Here are some Centerpiece Ideas:

All images from Martha Stewart (I could spend hours on her site)

Like I said, none of my Inspiration Images are cohesive, so it's a good thing I'm not the one getting married. My wedding would turn into a hodge podge of antiques and bright colors. I can't wait for Laura's wedding!

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