Friday, July 16, 2010

Pregnancy/Baby Talk

With only 8 more weeks until Baby Girl arrives I am in full on pregnancy mode. I can't stop talking or thinking about Baby, birth, clothes, decorating, feeding, diapering, and all that other good stuff. I try to keep the talk limited because I know it is probably so boring to anyone who isn't pregnant. But I am going to let it all out in this post. That is your warning to move on if the last thing you want to read about is Baby Prep (that means you Alyse, actually, you might enjoy this first story).

Okay, so my mom and I were discussing how I want to have a Med Free Birth. No epidural here. Call me crazy, but I figure since I am doing this I want to do it 110%, no hesitations. Plus I am not sure if I want to have more than one child so this is my chance to experience birth ALL THE WAY. Well, here was my Mom's advice on how to deal with the pain. She said, "Dani, when Baby Girl starts coming out and you start to feel all that pain I just want you to block it all out by remembering how good the sex felt that got you here in the first place. So instead of painful screams, you should be screaming YES! YES! OH YES!" And YES, she acted out that last part. I couldn't stop laughing. My Mom is hysterical and slightly delusional. Her advice is great, but I am pretty sure it isn't going to work out. And I am also pretty sure that would result in a very awkward delivery room.

Anyways, so I stumbled upon an amazing book yesterday at the library called
The Eco-nomical Baby Guide.

I practically read the whole thing last night. It is so insightful and really breaks down a lot of the things I had questions about. Such as cloth diapers. I have known that I wanted to use cloth diapers since the beginning. They just make so much sense if you have the time and patience for them. First, using cloth diapers saves a TON of money. Really, I'm talking thousands here. And one thing a lot of new parents are weary of is buying used cloth diapers. But I have no problem with that, as long as they aren't stained and are still in good condition I see no problem with it. And many diaper services sell used cloth diapers for super cheap. This book also points out that I could make my own baby wipes using cloth from an old cotton t-shirt or flannel sheet. All you do is cut them until squares and squirt them with water when you need them. How easy is that?? And again, it will SAVE MONEY. I am all about saving money. I am a single mom here who is on a major budget. Plus, why create more trash? Just wash and reuse -- My new motto. Baby Girl is going to be one eco-friendly baby.

The book also explores topics such as buying used baby gear (strollers, car seats, etc), how to avoid wasting money on plastic toys (most babies prefer simple household objects, like pots and pans), and how to make your own baby food (I am going to do my best to feed her only breast milk or fresh food). Basically, I want Baby Girl to learn the value in simple things, like parks, a box of crayons, the library, and cooking and gardening. I know that might seem hypocritical since I am someone who loves bad reality TV and trips to the mall, but bringing another being into the world can really change how you see things. I know as she grows older she will find her own vices, but I want to teach her simple lessons while she is young and I want her to be creative in every situation. Creativity is key. I am so lucky that all of my close friend are artists and I can't wait for them to pass on their knowledge to her.

Okay, I think I am rambling. One more thing and then I am done, I promise. Until I read this book I have never EVER heard of Infant Potty Training. Have you??? Basically it is exactly what it sounds like. How is it done? I guess parents pick up on the cues the baby sends before elimination. Soon, the baby learns to wait until the parents give a signal before relieving themselves. Isn't that wild?? I don't really know the details of where or how they relieve themselves, but I'm intrigued. And if that sounds a little too extreme you can wait until they are a year old and use baby sign language to help them potty train. Here is a simple article about Infant Potty Training, if you are more curious.

Alright, enough Baby Talk from me.......for now.....but later, I might have to share some photos of the adorable outfits my sister and I found for Baby Girl this past weekend. Also, for those of you who are curious, I do have a name picked out, I just haven't revealed it to everyone yet, which is why she currently goes by Baby Girl.


  1. Great ideas! except for that infant potty training idea. I used cloth nappies for my first child the only draw back was the safety pins but todays nappies are snap on and more stylish they come in diffrent colors and there is no folding required. If you're really serious about cloth diapers and doing it the natural way you might want to check out this Mommy from Australia. Here is her, she is on her second child. She recommends peapods cloth nappies at this website Oh, and I can't believe there is only 8wks to go. Keep up with the research:"Knowledge is Power!"

  2. Hey Dani! We just bought our first newborn set of cloth diapers! We got the fuzzibunz pocket diapers (6x), the bummis diaper covers (3x), the thirsties duo wraps (3x), and tons (around 26) of the clotheez prefolded diapers. We also got a kissaluvs diaper pail liner.

    Have you heard of attachment parenting? I'm trying to write a post about it if you're interested :)

    Baby Girl's lucky to have a mommy like you!