Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Opportunities

I have big news that I am so excited to share! I was e-mail by Melissa, the lady behind the lovely blog Oh, My Darling, and asked if I wanted to become a sponsor/advertiser on her blog. She said some very kind things about My Shop and I just couldn't turn her down. I have been thinking about different ways to get my shop out there and this seems like the perfect way to make that happen. She and I have been e-mailing non-stop all day and my ad is already on her blog. Take a look....

Speaking of the Ad...My dearest friend Katie Evans designed it for me. She has such an eye for design and I am so thankful for her. She kept it simple and elegant. I couldn't ask for something more perfect. Here were a few of the designs she made for me:

I went with the first one because it is a little more eye catching, but I do love the elegance of the second design.

And because I was so excited about all of this I decided it was time for me to design a header for this blog. Did you notice??? I spent waaaay too much time considering it is such a simple design because I don't have Photoshop and had to resort to using Paint. Bleh. I hate Paint, but I guess it got the job done.

Tomorrow Melissa will do a "Welcome Sponsor" Post on Oh, My Darling featuring My Shop and she will be mentioning the wonderful work of Katie as well. I can't wait!!

**A HUGE Thank You to Melissa and Katie!!**

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  1. I love your shop!! so many gorgeous things...if I can track down my etsy password I might have to order that wood necklace ;)