Monday, January 17, 2011

Get me outta this (style) rut!

So now that I am working I am required to wear more than leggings, nursing tanks, and cardigans everyday and I am super excited about it. But if you saw me last week (my first week of work) you would have never guessed that I had any style. I wore a different variation of the same outfit everyday (jeans, gray sweater, and boots). Of course it didn't help that it was freezing and snowing last week. I realize that I am in a style rut. I have gotten too comfortable with the "lazy" attire. I even said to my sister recently, "Can we go shopping at Old Navy soon? They always have good deals on lounge wear." Thank goodness she told me NO. I mean, seriously, I was looking for a sale to buy what? Sweats?? Hoodies?? If you know me well you know this is totally out of character for me. Luckily this job may have just saved my (style) personality. Whew!

So starting tomorrow I will begin to dive back into dressing for my personality. Here are some images to help inspire me...

(I plan on copying this outfit tomorrow)

(I love everything this lady wears)

Can you tell I am craving dress and skirts and tights?

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  1. i LOVE the first one the most! i feel like i am in a style rut too lol but i am almost 7 months pregnant haha :)