Sunday, January 16, 2011

Baby's First Cold

My poor little Ava has her first cold.

We are spending the holiday weekend resting together. I have a warm steam humidifier going on high all day and night and I am using Baby Vicks Rub to help soothe her. She is definitely being a trooper considering she is completely congested and probably has a soar throat. Luckily she does not have a fever and she has been eating plenty so I know she isn't dehydrated. But it is so sad when she has a coughing fit. Her face turns red and her eyes water up and she hacks and hacks like an old man. The worst part? When I hear her swallow all the phlegm. I just wish she could blow her nose or spit it all out.

Despite all of that I can see that she is slowly getting better, however my throat feels a little scratchy and my mom's nose has started running. Ah, the cycle of a cold.

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