Saturday, January 15, 2011


Ava is now a Daycare baby.

Let me just say how jealous I am of all the stay at home moms who may never have to face the dreaded first day of dropping your little one off at daycare. It is absolutely heartbreaking. Every worst case scenario went through my head. So here is how it all went down...

I had limited options on childcare facilities because I get the benefit from the state. They gave me a short list of places that are close to my home. I had the option of sending Ava to a large facility run out of a church that has a golden rating, an in home facility that is much smaller, and another large facility that has one of the best ratings in the city. Naturally I did my homework and checked the adult to child ratios, the state ratings, and the employee turnover (this info was all on the web). I decided I felt most comfortable with the large facility with the best rating in the city. I call to set everything up and they inform me that I must work a minimum of 25 hours a week to be able to apply. I only work 20 hours a week. WOMP. So I call the other larger facility. They inform me that they have no openings until March. WOMP WOMP. So I am left with the in home childcare facility which I am skeptical about. I call. I talk to the woman who runs the place and she says she has room for my little Ava but she insists we come visit before we make any other arrangements. My mother, Ava, and I check it out a few days later. My nerves are put at ease after meeting everyone and checking the place out. It is definitely not top of the line and perfect but it is homey and the kids are well behaved and the women who work there are so sweet and welcoming. There is no TV and they really encourage reading and singing. The older kids have to learn the basics of other languages (hello, goodbye, thank you, etc.). Ava is the youngest one there followed by a 6 month old boy.

I could list all the facts, but let's get to the important stuff: How does Ava do at daycare?? Honestly?? She isn't a big fan right now, but it's only been a little over a week. And up until that first day she had never been away from me for longer than an hour or two. Luckily the women at her daycare are VERY patient and used to this from such young babies. But from what they tell me she is a crier. And the first few days they had a really hard time getting her to sleep. Sometimes when I would come to pick her up I could hear her screaming from outside the door. Those days were hard. My heart would instantly sink and I would start plotting ways to work from home again. But I remember that this is necessary and she will be just fine. It is good for her to be around other adults and children. Plus some days I would come to pick her up and she would happily be sitting on the lap of one of the ladies watching the older children play. They tell me stories of her laughing and "talking" to one of the toddlers. They always read and sing to her and she has tummy time everyday. They log everything she does through the day and I give me the log when I pick her up. It's great to see when she ate, how much, when she slept, how long, when they changed her diaper, if she pooed and all that other good stuff. I know that this is going to be a long transition for her (and I) but I think in the long run it will be good for her.

A hard part for me (besides leaving her, of course) is pumping. I am really doing my best at keeping Ava breastfed. I gave the daycare formula just in case they run out of my breast milk and she has had to have formula once because I was having trouble pumping. It seemed to put her into a coma and I think it made her a little sick so I am trying to keep up with the pumping but it is HARD. I mean, nothing will make you feel more like a machine than attaching a pump to your breast. I hate it. And it is even more frustrating when I can only pump an ounce or two. I mean, SERIOUSLY?? I know I am going to make it to the six month mark with breastfeeding Ava but I was really hoping to do a full year. I don't think I'll make it that long, but I am going to try. Any pointers? I would love some.

On a totally different note...Ava found her feet...


  1. Have you tried fenugreek? I take 5 capsules in the morning and 4 at night. It took about 3 days, but I felt that my milk supply really increased. Also, try massaging your breasts right before (and during, if you can) your pumping session. Squeeze and maintain the squeeze and then let go (while you're pumping). Do you have a picture of Ava you can look at while you pump? Or better yet, a video? Finally, give it 2-3 minutes after you think you're done pumping. I usually think I"m done, stay on for a few more minutes, and then get another let down. Maybe at 6 months, you could start sending her off with some solids (in addition to the breastmilk), but maybe she'll take in less breastmilk per feeding with the addition of the solids.

  2. hi! i feel a little creeper-esque but i found your blog through another blog and find it interesting :) i have a 4 month old son and have also had to resort to daycare twice a week due to a job change. i feel your pain! i also have started experiencing a decreased milk supply since i haven't been able to nurse as often lately. i go to a free breatsfeeding support group at the hospital i delivered at and i've learned A LOT talking to the lactation consultant. like the person above me said, fenugreek is supposed to be really good. i actually drink an organic tea that has a bunch of herbs (including fenugreek) that boost your milk supply. it's called milkmaid tea by earth mama, i just get it at my local farm-to-market and it's around $6 or so. the biggest thing is to pump a LOT. like, a lot a lot. pump as often as you are able to while you're at work, and when you are home pump even after you nurse... not for the purpose of getting milk but for stimulating your supply. the goal is to COMPLETELY empty your breasts as often as possible to signal to your body to produce more. also, don't be discouraged by your pumping output! it usually takes me two (sometimes even three) pumping sessions to fill up a 5 oz medela bottle, and apparently that is pretty normal. check out if you haven't already. it has a lot of great info. good luck! :)