Monday, January 24, 2011

Ava, Ma, & Pa

I haven't spoken much about Ava's dad here on this blog for various reasons, mostly because up until recently I wasn't his biggest fan. But in the end he is a good guy and wants to be a great father to Ava. For a while I didn't want to accept that and in all honesty I wanted it to be just Ava and I. I was being greedy. I know it is best for her to have a relationship with both of her parents so I have never kept him from seeing her and I never will. Unfortunately due to distance he doesn't see her nearly as much as he would like to. We have talked a lot about the future and have agreed that in a few years once we both feel more stable in our lifestyles we will move to the same city to make everything easier in our goal of shared parenting.

He was visiting the past weekend before he starts a fire fighting academy in Charleston, SC. I snapped a few pictures of him and Ava together since he won't be seeing her much until he is done with the academy.

I don't know if you can tell from the photos but Ava looks just like her dad.

And of course I had him snap a few of Ava and I...

Can you tell I am a little camera shy?? Plus whenever I see a photo of myself I think that I look soooo tired.

Happy Monday!


  1. OMG! She is so adorable and you're right she does favor her Daddy but she also looks like you when you were a baby. Oh, and by the way what a cute Daddy:) So why are you looking tired? Sounds like you need some girl time. I recommend a day at a spa. A pedi, body massage and facial do wonders and remember you are worth every penny. Also, a little more meat on the bones won't hurt either.LOL

  2. Oh my God, this made me and my uterus so happy. I love that you posted about how you're trying to make this "unconventional" style of parenting work. I get so many looks for being an unmarried mother. I think people tend to feel sorry for me, but then I just laugh about it. My life with Bill and Des is soooo much cooler than theirs. :) Cheers to you and all of the offbeat mamas out there!

  3. Really cute pictures!! I am not a huge fan of my baby's father either but I have damn good reason haha. But I am just like you I will never stand in the way. Glad to see he is coming around and making an effort

  4. Love the pictures. The one that is your banner makes me miss my side bangs like crazy! I had similar feelings about my daughters father.. except now Im not so sure if he is a great guy. But time will tell. I hope everything works out well for you guys :) I want to pinch your baby's cheeks.