Friday, January 21, 2011

5 Months!!

Seriously?? 5 months already? Before I know it my little Ava will be 6 months old, which is HUGE in baby land.


Ava has been full on giggling A LOT. I've caught it on camera a few times but she seems to always tone it down as soon as I start recording.

She has started tasting "real" food. This is grandma's doing. She likes to break a lot of rules and she gave Ava a taste of mashed potatoes, apple sauce, ice cream, a marshmallow (!!), she even let her suck on a chicken bone. Yes, it's true...I know, it's terrible...But it was pretty entertaining and harmless.

Little Ava LOVES to grab and play with her feet.

She is the happiest baby I've ever seen when she is naked. Honestly, if she is fussy sometimes I'll just take off her diaper and let her hang out in her pack and play and she will be a happy camper. It's funny because I will walk away to do something and I can hear her cooing and laughing to herself.

She doesn't sit up on her own yet but she is able to sit up with very little assistance. It's cute.

Sometimes when she is being held chest to chest she will get excited about something and dive into your neck. It sounds weird but it's super charming.

OH! And she FINALLY enjoys tummy time...(sometimes)...


P.S. Thanks so much for the pumping advice! I'm definitely going to try the funugreek and some other pointers.


  1. she is just so so precious! your photos really capture a little personality!