Thursday, April 15, 2010

here we go again

**i love this lady's style. i want to copy it everyday. i need oxfords. (via the satorialist, december 2009)

alright, i promise i'll do better with posting this time. to get myself motivated i'm making a little list of things i love, things that make my smile.

(in no specific order)

-some sort of delicious morning drink, be it a plain cup of coffee, a fruity tea, or some elaborate like a dark cherry mocha (yum)

-my crazy cat that always rolls on his back when i walk by waiting for me to bend down and pet him

-the smell of my house. moving home has definitely been a transition but i love the smell of home. it's so comforting.

-reading blogs. design blogs, style blogs, photography blogs, personal blogs. i love seeing what inspires other people and gathering inspiration of my own.

-my amazing, creative, always loving and funny friends.

-my amazing, crazy, always loving and funny family.

**through my most recent life change both my friends and family have really showed how incredible and understanding they are. i have never felt more loved and cared for. i can't wait to share that love with my little one.

-an intriguing book that holds my attention. it doesn't have to be a good book, just something that i can get sucked into and walk away with something to talk about. most recently it was MOMMYWOOD by tori spelling (love her) and IF YOU HAVE TO CRY, GO OUTSIDE by kelly cutrone (she is loco) next it will be CHELSEA CHELSEA, BANG BANG by the beloved chelsea handler


-laying in the morning sun (i try to convince myself it's not as bad as the afternoon sun, er)

-reality tv. i just love it.

OKAY, this list is getting a little long. you get the point. i'm good at making lists so maybe i should stick to that motif.

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