Sunday, April 25, 2010

hello baby

Meet my little sweet love --------

To the left of the GIRL you can see a few small, white lines. That is her labia. Weird, right?

Baby has big feet like her mama.

OKAY OKAY, she looks a little scary, I know. And by scary, I mean beautiful....
She wouldn't move enough for them to do a profile view so right now she just looks like a little skeleton alien baby. I love my little skeleton alien baby.

And baby will have quite a few names. Grandpa will call her Jo because he wanted me to name her Josephine (I don't). Grandma will have a million and one names for her just like she did with me (Bo, Ramona, Mussy, Mum, Bear...). Alyse will call her Poppy. Caitlin will call her Papi (no comment). My moms side of the family will probably have some cute spanish names for her. My dads side of the family will probably keep it simple. My sisters will spoil her. And I will love her more than I have ever loved anything before.

What will you call her?

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