Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday

It is such a rainy, cold day here in Ohio. A day to stay in bed and read a good book, which I totally plan on doing.

So I began this rainy, gray day by reading two interesting happy/sad, but happy again stories on my two favorite pregnancy blogs. On The Pregnant Pause I read all about an engagement. It made me so happy and giddy. Congrats to them! And on Don't Worry Baby I read about her scare with stomach pains, but luckily everything is just fine. I am so happy that both ladies are happy and healthy through their pregnancies and I always enjoy reading their blogs. In weird ways I am connected to these ladies not only through our pregnancies but because one is the sister of my best friends boyfriend (hi john!) and the other was two years ahead at me at the Maryland Institute College of Art (but I never knew her or her husband).

Anyways, I am glad everyone has finally seen my sweet little girl. I have felt her moving inside of me a lot these last few days. It is such a strange feeling, like something punching me in the uterus, but a loving punch. A punch that says, "Hey, Hey You. Hi." I know it's all in my head, but she makes me laugh so much. I just imagine her singing and dancing in there. She is preparing for her big debut. Speaking of which, my mom and I went shopping this weekend at the Prime Outlets outside of Columbus. We went into every child/baby store but we were never crazy about most of the clothes. And let me tell you, baby clothes can be pricey. However we walked into one store, Carters, and all their winter stuff was on sale which is perfect because baby girl will be 3-6 months during the winter. So we bought 10 little outfits for $23. $23!! That's amazing. We were so proud of ourselves.

Moving on...I still haven't heard back from American Apparel about that job. I called on Friday but neither manager was in so I simply left a message. I figure if I don't hear back today then that is that and I will continue my job searching. But I am still crossing my fingers because I really want that job.

I realize that I am rambling on so I am going to call it a morning but I promise I will post that polka dot/stripe post later today. Promise Promise. I am going to leave you with this picture of me looking super pregnant. I think that was mostly a food baby though.


  1. Yay! someone I don't know reads my blog! well, it's very nice to meet you, Dani, and I'm so happy for you! And kinda jealous that you're having a little girl. I love your blog and wish that I was as fashionable as you and Katie are. and I agree that baby clothes are way too effing expensive, but how can you not want those cute little nike shoes or that cute little 30 dollar hat for your beautiful baby? Sigh, being a parent is hard :)