Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby Project

Here are a few more photos for the book for Baby Girl....

(a baby hanger)

(a little holiday dress)

(her first baby booties)

(picture of her great grandma holding her mama)

(my first baby picture)

After giving it a lot of thought I have decided the text that will accompany these images and future images will simply be little stories from my time being pregnant. I have had such a easy and wonderful pregnancy and I want that to be reflected. Here are what some of the stories will be about:

**The day I decided to embrace this situation wholeheartedly (it was a very emotional experience)
**The First Reactions (I'll probably edit this one a little)
**My obsession with baking
**Choosing a middle name
**Finding out I was going to have a Baby Girl
**Dreams I have had while pregnant (they can be quite interesting)

There are a ton of little stories I plan on writing (I should probably have kept a journal through all of this...) . I simply want this book to be full of love and I want her to know what a blessing she is and how much I love her. As I write some of the stories I will defintely share them.

**Side note** How funny do I look in that Baby Picture?? (What is going on with my hair? My pursed lips? and my clenched fists? and don't I look like a baby boy?)

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