Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

Due to the nasty weather hitting most of the country I've had 2 official snow days in a row. It is one of the many benefits of working for a large school system. These last two days have also made up for my lack of a weekend due to my nasty stomach bug. So here I am lounging in my PJs and snuggling with Ava. While I miss warm weather and sunshine I wouldn't trade in these moments for a thing.

I decided to take a few photos of Ava today to pass the time. I usually dress her up but today I decided to leave her in her colorful onesie and throw down a very patterned blanket for the background.

I've been thinking a lot about buying a new, nicer camera. While I love my little camera I can see that it is on its last limb. I've had it for almost 4 years and it has definitely seen better days. Plus I want to upgrade to something nicer that will allow me to do more. However, I don't really have the funds to go out and splurge. All the cameras I am looking at are in the $300-400 range (USED) and well, I just can't justify spending that much at this point in my life. Maybe I can spend $200-250....maybe.... If you know of any reasonably priced cameras (preferably a digital DSLR), let me know!

If you know me, you know I went to school for photography and have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts, so you might think I'm crazy for not already having a fancy DSLR, but I was taught that it isn't the camera that takes the beautiful photo, it's the photographer. I still very much believe that, I just miss taking photos in the Manual setting. And to be honest I REALLY REALLY miss classic film photography, unfortunately it is way too expensive these days to process film. Plus I like being able to capture a moment and immediately share it with everyone.

On that note.....I was playing with colors and what not while editing my photos today and I am debating which photos I like best. I usually prefer to edit as little as possible, usually just slightly changing the contrast or color. So what do you think?? Obviously the original is on the left...

I love her rolls,

and those toes,

and her little strawberry nose.

I would love your advice!


  1. i like the orginal on the first one, but the little feetsies in B&W is realllllly cute! oh, and i like the editing on #3 too, it just gives the pic a nice warmth. i love your photography skills!

  2. Before buying an slr I had a Canon PowerShot SX30IS and it was AMAZING! I think I paid around $400 for it new. Also, Nikon has a similar version in their Coolpix line. I happen to prefer Nikon these days.

    Also, the monkey picture is pricless! Your little one is so cute!