Thursday, December 30, 2010

That crazy lady with a baby....

My very good friend Caitlin asked a funny question recently that made me question my sanity. She asked, "Do you ever get tired of all the baby talk?" It completely caught me off guard, but the question kind of makes perfect sense. Caitlin is exactly who I was before Ava. She enjoys to go out, date, drink, work at a restaurant, shop, buy expensive clothes you don't have money know, the usual twenty-something things to do. The things I used to do. Now I rarely go out, definitely don't date, limit myself to one drink once or twice a week, NEVER buy anything that isn't on sale...

NOW my life is consumed with all things BABY. Baby talk, baby clothes, baby shows, baby music, baby, baby, baby. And to be honest I am perfectly okay with it. But I can see where Caitlin was coming from with that question. I mean, for her baby talk doesn't exist anywhere but at my house. And it pretty much has taken over. I baby talk, my mom baby talks, even my crazy dad baby talks. I think it's absolutely charming.

Anyways, back to what this post was supposed to be about...Me, being the crazy lady with a baby. Why crazy? Well, because I realized I use Ava as the perfect excuse to talk to myself in public, in baby talk no less. Yes, I will be at Target or the grocery store, list in hand, baby in carrier in the cart, and I will be walking around "baby talking" my way through the store. Here is an example:

Using my baby talk voice.... "Oops, mama forgot the butter. Silly mama." And mostly likely I will be looking at Ava making a silly face or big eyes. "C'mon Ava, let's go check out."

Of course sometimes I catch myself and quickly shut up or lower my voice. But then I justify my actions by telling myself that I am simply communicating with my baby and teaching her how to talk early (the more she hears me speak, the better, right....?).

But in the end, to the average person passing me in the aisle I am simply that crazy lady with a baby...

4 months old!!!

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  1. Dear "crazy lady with baby" aka.Dani,
    Sanity who needs that? I vote for crazy everytime especially baby talk. There are those who ridicule it and scorn at it but really babies love,love,love it!!! All that serious mature talk is dull & boring who needs that anyway. Enjoy every minute of Ava's baby years while they last! Hugs&Kisses-Petra