Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Could I slack any more?? I don't think so....

Since coming home from our big Thanksgiving trip I have been doing nothing but snuggling and playing with my little Ava. She has been so happy and playful and talkative lately. We have entire conversations throughout the day. It's the best.

She also discovered cartoons on TV. I know, I know, TV is terrible and I swear I will not get her into the habit of depending on it for entertainment (I am guilty of this...) but if you watch her while she watches the cartoons you will understand why I allow a small amount everyday. Her eyes get so big and she smiles and laughs and talks to the TV. It's amazing. It happened overnight too. She just woke up one day and decided she was ready to communicate with everyone and everything. I'm totally smitten with her (obviously).

Anyways, I said I would give a recap of our little trip. SO here is the short version. Ava and I flew to DC to see her Dad. She was a champ on the plane. She slept the whole time (except for take off and landing when I made her wake up to suckle). I was so thankful for my sweet little baby after that flight and I thought the hardest part of my week was over. BUT then that night Ava had a crying fit. I don't know what caused it, but it scared me. You see, Ava cries like every other baby on the planet but I know that all I have to do is offer her my breast and she will quiet down and be okay, but not that night. That night she just cried and cried and cried and nothing could calm her down. To make matters worse the cries sounded like painful cries. Because I was out of my element and Ava was upset I also became upset and I started crying. To make matters worse Ava's dad had invited his friends over for a little dinner party. What a picture, right?? Eventually Ava calmed down, I calmed down and we emerged from our room and joined the party. Day one, not so great.

The rest of the trip was a little better, but still not easy. Ava must be very sensitive to her surroundings because for the rest of the trip she was very moody. This meant that when she was upset she immediately had to come to me so she could calm down and relax. I basically became the human pacifier, especially in the evening hours. It didn't help that we did even more traveling. We left from DC, drove to Boston, stayed for 2 nights then drove to Providence, RI, stayed for 3 nights, drove back to DC, stayed one night, and finally flew home. WHEW!! But we survived and Ava got to see her dad and meet his side of the family. It was pretty heartwarming to see her with her grandparents.

Unfortunately Ava's fussiness was often the topic of conversation. Everyone had an opinion from her being too dependent on me to constipation. These sorts of conversations can be very tiring for me. I often find myself defending my parenting decisions and explaining that I do what I do because it feels right, bottom line. It works for Ava and I and that is all that matters. But I know everyone meant well and it opened the doors for everyone to share their own experiences, which is always fun.

SO that is that. I am sure I could get into more details but I will spare you and this post is already too long.

I'll try to post more often, I promise.

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  1. may i have an e-mail with the details? or a little face chat time? maybe with a glass of wine? maybe tonight?