Monday, September 13, 2010

When Wishes Come True...

A pretty wonderful thing happened today. It isn't super miraculous or anything, but it made my day and brought a few tears of happiness to my eyes.

I received a very unexpected package in the mail. It was a gift for Ava and I from some very, VERY thoughtful and loving people, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim. Now you should know that they are NOT MY Aunt and Uncle. They are actually my best friend Katie's Aunt and Uncle. When Katie and I were living in Baltimore together Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jim used to always take us out to dinner at Woodberry Kitchen (one of the best places in Baltimore). They were always so open and kind and really made me feel like family. Unfortunately I had lost touch with them since Katie had moved to New York and I had become pregnant and moved back to Columbus. So imagine my surprise when I saw that the package was from them.

What was in the package was another pleasant surprise. It was a Sleepy Sheep. So yesterday the sight of this Sleepy Sheep may not have been as exciting to me, but you see, just this morning I was over at BleuBird Vintage and read a post about how she recommends the Sleepy Sheep. After checking it out I immediately put it on my endless Want List (we all have a Want List). I literally squealed with excitement when I saw its cute little face staring back at me from the box. I couldn't believe how random and wonderful it all was. They also included a beautiful card and a very generous gift card. The entire gesture filled me with overwhelming happiness and I actually shed a few tears.

It really amazes me how lucky Ava and I to have such loving and thoughtful people in our lives. We are truly blessed.

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