Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Breastfeeding: What's a girl to wear?

After months of dreaming about my post pregnancy wardrobe I failed to factor in "dressing to breastfeed." I have to face reality and come to terms with nursing bras and tank tops. It isn't so bad really, except that my options are limited. I decided the nursing tanks are by far the most comfortable and easiest to deal with when you have a hungry baby. So now my Fall wardrobe consist of Jeans, a white nursing tank, and a colorful cardigan. It's an outfit I would wear if I were breastfeeding or not (minus the nursing tank). The only issue is my current lack of cardigans. Mama needs to go shopping. This Mama also needs a new pair of flats, as all of my old ones are a little snug (I guess my feet did grow a little...).

But I'm saving up to have one big shopping spree with my two best friends who will be visiting Ava and I the first week of October. I can't wait. Until then I will swoon over these simple and versatile cardigans from J. Crew:

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  1. American Apparel's Deep V shirts have been invaluable for nursing! Skinny jeans, deep V tee, and a cardigan almost everyday for me.