Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another article about Nurturing

Here is another article I stumbled upon while researching baby poop (yes, poop). I whole heartedly agree with this mother. Everything she says makes sense to me. Thank goodness this article exists.

Warning: It's a long article.

P.S. If your curious, that whole formula thing only worked out for a few days. I am now (very happily) exclusively breastfeeding Ava and I know how lucky I am to have that option. The reason I introduced the formula was not because I had to but because certain people were saying the things the author points out the in article.

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  1. I'm so glad you kept up with the breastfeeding. I, too, had so many problems with Desmond when it came to his eating, farting, and pooping habits. I had issues with oversupply, so when he would feed, he would gurgle and almost choke. He would have lots of gas pains (legs sticking straight out) and I'd have to do his little "gas" exercises with him (bicycle, holding him facing outward in a sitting position). His poops were also pesto-green and mucousy. I did block feedings to help get my supply down. And it worked. Now he's going through a growth spurt where he's eating almost all the time (every 1.5-2 hours) and I can't keep up. I'm starting to catch up, but I've been taking some herbs and pumping with a hospital-grade pump to help my output. It's been helping and he's back to his very happy self.

    Breastfeed little Ava whenever she wants...breastmilk is the best thing for her. Hold her all the time. Sleep or nap with her little body next to yours. I'm convinced that at this age (and throughout their entire childhood), the most important thing in their life is you and all they want is your love and attention.

    Thanks for that wonderful article.