Saturday, October 30, 2010


**Photo from Wee Textile**

When I was pregnant I planned on using cloth diapers. There was not a doubt in my mind that my little Ava's tush would be covered by some soft cloth and not plastic. But alas, here we are, almost 10 weeks after her birth and we are using Pampers. At first my excuse was that she was too tiny for the cloth diapers. And now I have no excuse. So here I am, debating what I should do.

I still want to use cloth diapers, I am just debating what kind to use. I originally was drawn to Bumgenius and Fuzzibunz, but now I am oddly drawn to the classic cotton pre-folds. Call me crazy, but I think I might just do it. You see, Ava and I spend 90 percent of our time at home (I'm a natural homebody) so the idea of using a classic pre-fold isn't so scary. And since we started supplementing her diet with formula she only poos every 2 days. Plus, they are SUPER SUPER cheap. However, if you use cloth diapers (Scarlett and Sara...) I would love to know how your experience is going and what kind you use.

Also, I read this great article about one mothers personal experience that made me smile. It makes me feel good about my decisions in how I respond to Ava, especially since lately I have been getting a lot of negative comments about such matters. In the end, I know I have the final say because I am her mother.


  1. We have a few different kinds, but I favor the Flip one size. You get 2 covers and 6 inserts for $50. The covers last through multiple wet changes, so you only have to wash the insert. We wash each cover after a day of changes or she poos, whichever comes first. So far they have contained all of her messes.
    The bottom line: the Flips are cheaper and less clean up!

  2. Yay, Dani! Don't feel bad for not cloth diapering little Ava sooner. It's all about what makes your life easier so that in the end, you're happy mama (which will equate to a happy Ava). I love the fuzzibunz. They come in great bright colors, have snaps on the front (I like that better than velcro) and are so, so soft on the inside. They come with these inserts that you put into the pocket that help absorb all the pee and the soft inside part (the pocket itself) wicks moisture away from Des's bottom better than the cloth pre-folds and stays drier longer. I use the pre-folds with the diaper covers (I have bummiez and thirsties). Like Sara said, you could reuse the covers and just switch out the pre-folds (if baby doesn't poop). My SIL uses Kissaluvs diapers and they're cloth diapers folded into the diaper shape and then you put the cover on top of those and she really likes them.

    Btw, so happy to see a link to Mothering! I love the magazine. You should subscribe. If you don't and are interested, let me know and I'll forward you my online subscription.

    Also, boo to whomever is giving you negative comments. People should always try to lift a mother up, not put her down. Keep loving that beautiful little girl and everything's going to turn out beautifully.