Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Little Family Vacation

A few weeks ago Ava and I flew down to Charleston, SC to enjoy a little vacation with her grandparents and her dad. It was so nice to get away from the gloomy Ohio weather and spend some time on the beach. We were only there a few days and to be honest I didn't want to leave the sunshine. It was a very short trip but totally worth it because now Ava can look back at the photos and see that her Dad and I worked together to give her a true family vacation.

Ava's first time in the ocean!

I am completely in love with these photos of Ava and her Grandpa. How cute are they?? She definitely takes after that side of the family...

Playing with her dad...

This is the only picture of the 3 of us together (very strange...)

Overall the vacation was fun and I'm glad Ava got to see her Dad and his parents.

This weekend we are headed to a very small town in Kentucky for the Cyrus Family Reunion (yes, as in Miley). I am excited to show off my little Ava and eat some fried chicken. And in ONE WEEK we will be in New York City!! Eeek! I am so excited. Oh, and I'll also be 24 in one week! This is a great start to the summer.


P.S. Ava turned 9 months on Tuesday!! My baby girl is growing so fast. I'll do a post on that later. There is so much to share.


  1. Your bub is beautiful! And kudos to you on doing this on your own, you are very brave :)

    Lovely blog!


  2. you have so many things to look forward too! your little one is growing up so fast :)

  3. sweet! Such a lovely gift of love for Ava. It is a wonderful feeling to know you have a Dad that loves you even though he doesn't live with you. But when you see him he plays with you and kisses on you and sits you on his lap that kind of stuff really matters to a child. Ava sure does resemble them but most of all you Dani. Can't wait to meet my beautiful GRAND-niece!XOXO!

  4. she is absolutely beautiful! looks like she enjoyed the water :)

    please stop on by..