Monday, March 7, 2011

A Quick Visit

Ava's Papa came for a very short visit this weekend. He is hoping to make it up here at least once a month to see little Ava. We were able to take a few photos while he was here...

Smushed nose kisses....

The little photo shoot didn't last too long. Ava was ready for a nap and Papa was sad he had to leave.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I am seriously considering moving to Charleston, SC once Ava's dad finishes the Fire Fighting Academy. While I want Ava to be around her grandparents and her aunts I know that it is more important for her to be around her Dad. Plus it would help to have a partner in all of this. I realize that when he is around I get a little more "me" time. I was able to do little things like paint my nails, sip my coffee, flip through magazines, style my hair....

We have no intention of exploring our relationship romantically (been there, done that, didn't work out...) but we know that we have to do what is best for Ava and being in the same city and working together as her Mother and Father is definitely the best scenario.

He doesn't finish school until July so I have plenty of time to think this over and figure it all out. There is definitely a lot to think about....

Happy Monday!


  1. No comment, other than Ava is soooo freakin cute. I love that chunky monkey.

    Auntie Trudy

  2. i want to squeeze her little arm rolls.

  3. just found your blog. i am loving it!!!